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  • Abstrak Size Distribution And Reproductive Biology Of Gisnt Frewater Prawn (macrobrachlum Rosenbergii) In Kapuas River, West Kalimantan Province

Abstrak Size Distribution and Reproductive Biology of Gisnt Frewater Prawn (Macrobrachlum rosenbergii) in Kapuas River, West Kalimantan Province

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A research  that  aims  to obtain  data  and information  about  distribution  and reproductive biology of giant freshwater prawns in  Kapuas River, West  Kallmantan  have been carried out from  June  to December  2005. Research  was  conducted by survey method by visiting  the locations where  the activities of catching prawns. Two times  the frequency of surveys in the dry season and two times in the rainy season. The water qreas surveyed were the Kapuas River in Pontianak District,  City of Pontianak, Districts of Sanggau and Sintang.  Data were analyzed with descriptive method and tabulation. From the survey found that in the Kapuas river, a lot of prawns  were  caught by fishermen  using nine  types  of fishing  gear,   namely  : hooklines, longlines,   traps,   falling   gear,   gillnets,  coast/edge   traps   (belat), fish   agregating  device (rumpon), electricalgear (Stroom) and surrounding  traps (pukat rantau).  The intensity of the fishing catchs appeared dominant in the downstream waters covers an area of County and City of Pontianak. The distribution  of individual  weight  size of prawns  that  was caught a lotbby fishermen  (mode value)  of 4 times surveys varied between  17.73  to 40.00 grams  (Pontianak Regency), from  19.31 to 47.01 grams (Pontianak City),  17.79-45, 35 grams (District of Sanggau) and between 25.08 to 85.52 grams ( District of Sintang). Fecundity of giant freshwater prawns varied between 7058-57887  eggs. The diameter of eggs at various of gonada maturity stages (GMS) occur in the range of 0.30 to 0.349 mm diameter in GMS-I,  GMS-II,  GMS-III and GMS-IV, but the diameter of the eggs in size of the middle value between 0.5745 to 0.7745 mm only exist In the broodstock of prawns with GMS·IV characterized egg gray color.  Giant freshwater prawns In the Kapuas River for the first time in maturity size was 12.95 cm with a variation of value between  12.39 to  13.54 cm. Water quality at  the habitat where the shrimps caught in the Kapuas River  were still  within feasible/reasonable  limits  to support  the  life of fish and shrimps.

Keywords : Giant freshwater prawns, Kapuas River, Distribution, Reproductive Biology