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  • Abstrak Pengaruh Kombinasi Pakan Buatan Dan Pakan Alami Terhadap Pertumbuhan Dan Kelangsungan Hidup Benih Ikan Baung (mystus Nemurus)

Abstrak Pengaruh kombinasi Pakan Buatan dan pakan alami terhadap pertumbuhan dan kelangsungan hidup benih ikan baung (Mystus nemurus)

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,Dina Muthmainah,Syarifah Nurdawati,

Experiment to evaluate the effect of different ratio of life food to artificial food on growth and survival of green catfish (Mystus nemurus) fry were conducted in wet laboratory of Research Institute for Open Water Fisheries for 1 month, using 15 glass aquarium of 20x20x30 cm filled with 6 litres of water. Fish fry of 23 days old with average weight of 0,18 g stocked in each aquarioum with a density of 5 fish/L/ The treatment are 5 different combination of food e.e A) Tubifex worm (100%), B) 75% Tubifex worm + 75% artificial food, C) 50% Tubifex worm + 50% artificial food, arranged in completely randomized designwith 3 replication. The result shows that treatment A has a very significant different with treatment E, but no significant different with different B, C, and D. It revealed that the fish colud grow well if they fed with life food.

Key Words: Mystus nemurus, life food, artificial food, growth, survival