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Abstrak Composition and Diversity of Phytoplankton in Lake Lindo, Central Sulawesi

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,Sevi Sawestri,Samuel,Ni Komang Suryati,

Lake Lindu is located in Lore Lindu National Parle, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. This lake kind of tectonic lake and still on natural condition. This study aims to determine the composition and diversity of phytoplankton in Lake Lindu. Observations were made in May, July and October 2012. Five stations representing the waters conditions of Lake Lindu were set up. Phytoplankton samples were collected by using a plankton net with 25 um mesh size. Supporting data, temperature, transparency, pH, nitrate (N03) and phosphate (P04) were measured on same location. Three phytoplankton classes were recorded consisting of 25 species of phytoplankton. The largest number of phytoplankton species was recorded in Chlorophyceae, with 12 species, while the lowest one recorded from Cyanophyceae classes, with 2 species. The abundance of phytoplankton varied from 200-2954 cells/L. The diversity/Shannon index (H') ranged between 0.50 and 2.24. The index of dominance (D) ranged between 0.13 and 0.76. 

Keywords: Composition, Diversity, Phytoplankton, Lake Lindu, Central Sulawesi.