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Abstrak Analysis of Pylogenetic Relationship Between Some Resident Foodfishes in Lake Toba, Indonesian Largest Lake

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,Arif Wibowo,Marson,

Fish diversity is relatively high in Indonesian waters supported by the presence of varied aquatic habitat  conditions.  But  we  lack  robust  data  on  our  various  economically  important  but threatened  fish  population  in  various  lake  systems.  In  this  work, aspects  of  fish  genetic variability in the Toba Lake in Sumatra, Indonesia was analyzed using sequence mtDNA as a tool. The pairwise distance was calculated and NJ dendogram based on Kimura Two parameter was constructed to take a look on fish phylogeny. PCR products of the Cytochrome Oxidase Subunit I (COI) mtDNA regions for the fish samples yielded different fragments which ranged in size from 573 to 671 bp. The genetic distance indicated segregation of G.affinis, H. fasciatus, O. hasseltii, N. stracheyi, H. macrolepidota and P. reticulata in separate cluster. The sequence profile showed high level between group genetic diversity and little within group genetic diversity suggesting improverishment of genetic variability in fish stock. This suggests the existence of a separate gene pool for these species.

Key words:  fish diversity, genetic distance, genetisc variability, mtDNA