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  • Abstrak Evaluation Of Geneticc Relationship Among Select Six Fish Species Using The Partial Fragment Of Mitochondrial Cytochome C Oxidase Subunit-1gene (co1)

Abstrak Evaluation of GeneticC Relationship Among Select Six Fish Species Using the Partial Fragment of Mitochondrial Cytochome C Oxidase Subunit-1Gene (CO1)

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,Arif Wibowo,Tuah Nanda Merlia Wulandari,

In  modern  conservation and  sustainable management approaches of  species, it  is  important to  have knowledge about biodiversity, population structures and dynamics. In the present study, the genetic relationship among select fish species in Lubuk Lampam floodplain region was investigated, utilising partial fragment of mitochondrial Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit-1gene (CO1). The aim of the study was (1) to reveal genetically relevant relationship of fish species in the Lubuk Lampam floodplain and (2) to find more pronounced substructures on the fine scale analysis. Tissue samples from 10 specimens of fish species were collected during several field trips in 2012 at sample sites across Lubuk Lampam floodplain Ogan Komering Ilir regency South Sumatra Province. The results showed different species that are deviated relatively new from a similar ancestor. The molecular marker, a 570 bp region of the mitchondrial cyctochrome c oxidase I gene (COI) has been successfully found to be species-specific, and was also more variable between species than within species. In summary, the present study represents an important step understanding evolution relationship for teleost fish living in tropical peat swamp in Sumatra. Producing of a COI sequences from the Lubuk Lampam system also assist to the global DNA barcoding library.

Keywords: Phylogeny, Lubuk Lampam and species assignment