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Abstrak Genetic Diversity Comprison of Native and Non Native Freshwater Fish From Mamberamo River

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,Arif Wibowo,Dwi Atminarso,Marson,

The Genetic diversity and architecture of native and non native of dominant freshwater fish were examined employing standard mitochondrial gen COI sequences from 500bp. The research was conducted in middle-upper Mamberamo River, Papua during the sampling campaign in 2016, there are four sampling selected purposively. Fish were caught using standard seine net comprises various sizes from 1 inch to 3 inch diameter and left overnight. DNA extracted using DNA extraction kits, PCR amplification and sequenced in Macrogen Company, South Korea. The result show a total of 669 bp mtDNA COI sequences of Barbonymus gonionotus were amplified successfully from 8 individuals and PCR produced a 668 bp mtDNA COI sequences of Chilatherina_fasciata from 26 individuals of four sampling sites resulting in identification of 2 common haplotype defined by one variable site. The native species of Chilatherina_fasciata exhibits the level of variability of h = 0.2123, π = 0.000318. Compared to native species, the introduced species (Barbonymus gonionotus) resulted in less variable sites and haplotypes and less informative character of the COI gene. To meet the challenge of reducing the rate of aquatic invasions, management strategies will be needed to control propagule supply, before and after establishment. Molecular studies might also be important in developing strategies for the post-invasion control of introductions in the context of fisheries management.

Key words: fish, Mamberamo, native and non native