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Abstrak Condotion Factor Giant Featherbacks (Chitala lopis Bleeker 1851) From Kampar River, Riau

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,Arif Wibowo,Dwi Atminarso,

Kampar River is an important habitat for Giant Featherbacks (Cnitaia Lopis) in Riau Province, because  Kampar River has a variety of habitat  types for Gfont Featherbacks  :  main rivers, creeks,  reservoir and swamp.  Fish sampling for analysis of fish condition factor done every three  months  in 2009,  in May,  August  and November  representing  the dry season (May and August)  and  rainy  season (November).   Factor  analysis  for   the  study  conditions  Giant Featberbacks  total fish caught during the study,  a total of 507 tails.  Sizes distributions of fish belida were small size (401-610 mm), medium (611-750 mm) and large (750-950 mm) was found at  each sampling  station.  Female fish  condition factor  was higher  than  in the group  of male fish belida medium and large(>  610 cm). Fish condition factor values  in the group sizes were almost always highest Giant Featherbacks both male and female fish during the dry season, transitional and rain.  The analysis of fish  condition factor  Giant Featherbacks by size in the standardization,  informed  that  the  value of the highest  condition factor contained  in  the transitiona Download File