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  • Abstrak Contribution Of Isc (index Of Stomatch Content) And Niche Analysis On Assesment Population Fitness Of Kampar River's Giant Featherbacks (chitala Topis, Bleeker 1851)

Abstrak Contribution of ISC (Index of Stomatch Content) and Niche Analysis on Assesment Population Fitness of Kampar River's Giant Featherbacks (Chitala topis, Bleeker 1851)

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,Dwi Atminarso,Arif Wibowo,

The  existences  of  Indonesian  giant  featherback  were  originally  come from  Asia  mainlands which were distributed throughout great river due to connection between Asia mainlands and sundanese mainland in Indonesia. Nowadays giant featherback distributed in almost all major rivers and their watersheds, flood areas and lakes in Sumatra,  Kalimantan and Java Islands. Appropriate management strategies are extremely needed to avoid the extinction of Kampar River's giant featherback,  these strategies including efforts to increase domestication of this species  in  order  to   reduce  pressure  on  its  natural  populations  and  design  effectively management  strategies for  its sustainability  in  nature.  Therefore  it  is  important  to  asses population fitness,  this information  reflecting  the  condition  of giant  featherback 's undirect habitat assessment  in nature as the basis for population  management. The  research  objectives are  to  examine  contribution  ISC  and  Niche  analysis  on  asses population  fitness  of  giant featherback in  the  Kampar River.  Food niche ranged from  1.023-3.054 and 0.023-0.614 after standardization schema.  The highest food niche was 3.054 found in 401  -  470 size class,  while the lowest food niche was 1.023 in size classes of 821 - 960. his study has shown that based on food consumption and broad niches  Langgam station  is the  most suitable habitat for giant featherback,  which makes the best candidate  to be  designed as conservation area.  Habitat improvement  should  be addressed  to Teso station  tbat:  suffered  environmental  perturbation, represent the most unsuitable habitat for giant featherback in Kampar River.

Keywords : Giant featherback,  ISC,  niche,  management,  Kampar River