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  • Abstrak Parameter Of Growth, Mortality And Fishing Rate Of Bonylip Barb ( Osteochilus Waandersii) Fish In Lake Kerinci, Jambi

Abstrak Parameter of Growth, Mortality and Fishing Rate of Bonylip Barb ( Osteochilus waandersii) Fish in Lake Kerinci, Jambi

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,Samuel,Ni Komang Suryati,

A study with the aims to evaluate the parameters  of growth,  mortality and fishing rate of bonylip barb fish (Osteochilus  waandersii)  was conducted  in  Kerinci Lake,  Jambi from April to October 2013.  Field surveys  were  done  to collect fish  samples.  The samples were  obtained from  the catches  of fishermen  who used gillnets  with mesh  size of  1.0  to 3.0  inches  to catch  the fish. Results show that the bonylip barb fish population in  Kerinci Lake was dominated by individual fish length size of 15.5 to 20.5 cm with a frequency of 40%.  The growth pattern was allometric (-). Asymptotic  length  (Lœ) reached 32.50 cm and growth coefficient (K)  was 0.85 per year.  Growth performance (Ø')7, the rate of natural mortality (M), the rate of fishing mortality (F) and the total mortality rate (Z) were respectivelly 2.953,  1.47 per year,  0.87 per year and 2.34 per year. So the exploitation rate of bonylip  barb fish populations (E)  was 0.37.  The spawning season peak  of bonylip barb fish in  Kerinci Lake is expected  to occur at the beginning of the rainy season  was around September.

Keywords : Growth, Mortality, Bonylip barb fish, Lake Kerinci.