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  • Abstrak Lead And Cadmiun Concentration In Catfish (pangasius Polyuronodon) Of The Lower Part Of Siak River

Abstrak Lead and Cadmiun Concentration in Catfish (Pangasius polyuronodon) of the Lower Part of Siak River

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,Husnah,Siswanta Kaban,Makri,

Siak  River  is one  of four big rivers  in  Riau  Province  suffered  from  anthropogenic substances deriving from  various  human activities.  The substances  not only degrade the water quality but also influence  aquatic organisms   such  as fish.  The  effect of this substances  not only  directly such  as sudden  mass  mortality  of  fish  but  also  indirectly  through  bioaccumulation  and  biomagnification  in fish  body which  could increase  the exposure to public  health  risks.  Study on two heavy  metals  (lead and cadmium) concentration in fish gill, liver and muscle was conducted  in the lower part of Siak River starting from Pelita  Pantai to Siak lndrapura.  It can be concluded that concentration of cadmium  in fish gill  in  four sampling   sites,  Pelita  Pantai,  Maredan,  Perawang,   and Buatan  was  exceeded   of the acceptable  limits by the  National  Drug and  Food  Standards of Indonesia,  more than  0.2 mg/kg  dry weight.  The similar concentration was also recorded  in the fish liver in  Buatan  site, and in fish  muscle in  Siak lndrapura  site. To sustain the  existence  of some economical  fish  such as cat fish,  broad study on  heavy  metal  accumulation  in  fish  organs  and  its  effect  on  reproduction  of the  fish  should  be considered.

KEYWORDSheavy metals, accumulation, catfish, Siak River