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Abstrak DNA Barcoding of Freshwater Fish Species of Manna River (Bengkulu) and Semanja River (Lampung)

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,Arif Wibowo,Achmad Farajalah,Husnah,

The  identification  of fish  species   is challenging.  DNA  barcoding  provides   new  perspective  in ecology  and  system   tics  of fishes.  In this  study, we  assess  intraspecific and  interspecific genetic divergence among  several  freshwater fish  species  from Manna  River  of Bengkulu   Province  and Semanka  River of Lampung  Province,  using  data from  mitochondrial  cytochrome c oxidase  subunit  I (COi) gene. The results show that a total of six freshwater fish species  identified in this study exhibited high levels of interspecific variation  based on 51  analyzed sequences.  Almost all species corresponded to  a single  species,   cohesive   array of barcode   sequences distinct  from  other  species.   Based  on Kimura Two  Parameters  (K2P) within  species,   mean pairwise   sequence distances  comparisons range  from  0.3  to  6.3%,  while  interspecific  comparisons  were  much  higher  range  between   1.7  to 29.4%,  except  species  Tor macrolepis  and Tor putitora  showed  high  levels of genetic similarities  and no reciprocal  monophyly.  Using this  method  will obviously  allow  the identification  eggs,  larvae,  fillets and fins  of freshwater fish.

Keywords:  Molecular, fish, COi, Manna, Semanka