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  • Abstrak Gillnet Selectivity To Hamapala Barb Fish Hamapala Macrolepidota Kuhl And Van Hasselt, 1823 In Lake Kerinci, Jambi

Abstrak Gillnet Selectivity to Hamapala Barb Fish Hamapala Macrolepidota Kuhl and Van Hasselt, 1823 in Lake Kerinci, Jambi

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,Samuel,Ni Komang Suryati,

The  use or suitable mesh size in  the gill  net  fishery  is  important as  it creates ,1  possibility of protecting  the  fish, which  has  nor  reached the minimum legal  or  commercial  length.  For lhis reason, study on the gill net selectivity of mesh size of Hmnpala barb cntch in  Lake Kcrinci was carried out  Irorn  April  to  October   2013. The  length  dnll.1 of fish  snmplcs were  obtnincd   from fishermen  using various mesh  sizes gill  nets or 1.0 lo  4.5 inches.  Gillnet selectivity  was analysed based on estimation of optimum  length (Lm) and selection  factor (SF) conducted by using two gillnets with different mesh size (Mi and Mi+l).  The results reveal  that selection factor value (SF) wa.s  10.75  and a standard deviation  value  (S) was J.29.  The optimum  length  offish  in  each  mesh size or 1.0 inches,  1.5  inches,  1.75 inches, 2.0 inches. 2.5 inches, 3.0 inches, 3.5 inches. 4.0 inches and 4.5 inches were:  I  0.75 cm,  16.13 cm. 18.81  cm, 21.5 cm. 26.88 cm. 32.25 cm. 37.63 cm. 43.0 cm nnd 48.38 cm respectively.   Based on the selection factor value, it was found that gill nets with n mesh size of2.0-2.5 inches \VI.IS efficient gill nets to fish the Hampala barb in Lake Kcrinci. For fisheries management of Hampala  barb (Hampala macrolcpidota)  in  Lake Kcrinci.  the  utilization of gill nets with rnesh sizes less than 2.0 inches should be limited.

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